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Maybe you have been looking for a stay-at-home business opportunity that would allow you to make great money and
spend more time with your loved ones.

Or that would allow you to be able to go back to school.

Or fund your children's college education.

Or your retirement.

Or pay off all that credit card debt.

Or those student loans.

Maybe you simply want to be able to have a rewarding career in which you can set your own schedule and still make
more money than many CEO's.

All simply by learning how to help others get what they want, without selling them anything, but merely helping them do
what they want to do anyway.

It's all here.
The Story of Making Money By Making

Michael Davis
Founder of Making Money By Making Friends™

Michael was a top producer for one of the largest corporate recruiting firms
before he realized that he could just as easily do this on his own (kind of like
Jerry Maguire) and not hand over 50-70% of his commissions to a corporate
fat-cat. He currently works out of his home part-time helping quality
employers and talented employees come together.

Michael developed this course to help others who may be searching for
something similar - more money, working fewer hours, and the satisfaction of
knowing you truly helped someone improve his or her life while at the same
time improving your own.
Making Money By Making Friends™
For Affordable Straightforward Insight into the
World of Recruiting to Help You Determine If It's the
Right Home-Based Business For You,  

HERE to Download an Introductory Course,
Recruiting - How You Can Make 6 Figures Working
Part-Time From Home as a "Talent Agent" For

Additionally, during the course of his recruiting career, Michael soon realized the reasons our relationships falter in the
workplace are the same reasons we sometimes struggle in our most personal relationships.

Michael has written a Real Men’s Guide to More Successful Relationships for every NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL team to help
people develop and maintain better relationships... using a subject many men already know and appreciate – sports.
It happens to all of us sooner or later.

But what if there was a book that explained:

Why Women Say and Do All Those Things Men Don't

What Every Woman Finds Attractive,

And How You Can Have More Successful and
Satisfying Relationships Together...

In a Language Men Actually Understand...

Like Sports?
"Teams don't go physically flat. They go mentally stale."
- Vince Lombardi  

Score More Touchdowns™ In and Out of the Bedroom!

How Football/Baseball/Basketball/Hockey
Can Unlock the Secrets to
More Successful Relationships

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