You Can Make an Incredible Income, Just By Helping
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Making Money By Making Friends™
How Does This Work, and How Can It Work For Me?
There is a profession of individuals called Recruiters. Recruiters, or "headhunters," network with talented
individuals in a specific niche or industry for the purpose of assisting them in making new career moves. Essentially,
they are middlemen, brokering deals with companies to help them locate and hire the right type of professional for
a specific position. In a very simplified sense, it's much like match-making for the business world.
How do you get paid?
Companies pay you an agreed upon fee for potential employees (“candidates”) that you have screened and
presented to them. Usually the fee is a percentage of the employee’s first year annualized salary. For example,
many recruiters often charge a fee between 20% and 30% of the candidate's starting salary. That means that for a
candidate with a starting salary of $60,000, a recruiter could potentially earn a fee between $12,000 and $18,000!
And the way I teach you, all fees are paid by the EMPLOYER. The service is absolutely free to the employee.

Can you really make that much just by helping one person get a new job?
Here are some checks I recently received just by helping a handful a people get a great new job. See for yourself.

I have never heard of this. Is this common?
Recruiting has been around for a long time. In fact, it is a full fledged, multi-billion dollar industry. You may have
heard of Kelly, Robert Half, Volt, and Manpower. Those are some of the biggest corporate players in the industry.
In fact, all are publicly traded companies. You are free to check into any of them. Just to give you an idea of how
profitable this industry really is, here are some revenue figures, directly from their own websites.

Robert Half Int'l................................$5,094,900,000 (yes, that's BILLION, as in $5.1 BILLION DOLLARS!)
Kelly Services...................................$5,518,200,000 ($5.5 BILLION DOLLARS)
Manpower.......................................$19,329,900,000 ($19.3 BILLION DOLLARS)
Adecco.............................................EUR 22,010,000,000 (22.0 BILLION EUROS)

You get the idea. The point is that this is not something new. Most every company knows about recruiting firms for
their industry. And there is no reason that you cannot be a part of that.

And trust me, there is plenty to go around. None of these companies is going to go bankrupt if you take $50,000 or
$100,000 or $200,000 worth of business from them. To them, that's just a drop in the bucket.

But what would an extra $50,000, $100,000, or $200,000 do for your retirement fund? Or your children's college
education fund? Or your credit card debt or student loans?

And I can do this from home?
Yep. I used to think that I had to have a fancy office and a sophisticated computer system, too. But you don't. With
a telephone and an internet connection, you can do it from anywhere.

Why would a company pay someone like me just to hire someone? Especially when the economy is so
First of all, there are professions that are ALWAYS in demand, regardless of what is happening in the economy, and
companies who employ these professionals are desperate to hire them. I promise I can give you a list of 6 such
professions that are not only always in demand, but will be even more in demand as the Baby Boomers retire.

Second, the hiring process is not as cut and dry as you might think. For most businesses, a company is only as
good as its employees. Training is expensive, and the costs associated with advertising to attract talent, evaluate
talent, and maintain a happy and productive workplace are substantial. Most companies understand that adding a
key staff member who brings established credentials to the table is worth the investment.

I’m not rich, so I don’t have a lot of money to get started.
One of the best things about recruiting is that you don’t need a lot of up front capital. I am willing to bet you
already have a computer, a phone, and internet service. That's really all you need to get started. There are some
additional expenses, but many of them, like a professional database, you can put off until you have made a
placement or two, if you need to.

And like I said, you don’t need an office, a secretary, or anything fancy, either. I work out of my home. When I need
to meet a potential client company, I go to their office. When I need somewhere private to meet with a candidate
who would like my help in discreetly looking for a better career opportunity, we meet at any one of my thousands
of offices all over town - they are called Starbucks.

There are few opportunities that allow you such incredible profit margins with so little investment money.

I don't live in the United States. Can this work for me?
Each of those companies listed above has significant Canadian and European operations. In fact, Adecco is
headquartered in Europe, and the bulk of its revenues come from European clients.

Even if you live in a rural area, the beauty of this industry is that it can all be done over the phone and via email if
you want. You can live in rural Wyoming and make placements with companies in New York, San Francisco, Dallas,
or anywhere else. It just doesn't matter.

Is this hard?
Have you ever recommended that your employer hire a friend? Or have you ever suggested a friend look into a
new job?

If you can do that, you can be a Recruiter.

The only hard part is learning what to say and how to control the process. And actually, with the course I have
designed, you have a huge advantage over most recruiters. Most recruiters think all you have to do is blast
resumes all over town and the placements just happen.

While I suppose throwing the spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks is one way of doing it, there is a far
more efficient method, which I have outlined for you in my course materials. You will have a lot happier clients, a lot
happier recruits, and make a lot more money with a lot fewer headaches. Indeed, clients and recruits will be
begging you to help them. The course was written by proven top producers like me who have recruited 5 or more
years, billing over $1,000,000 individually. It contains the same training that fuel the profits of a multi-billion dollar
industry, as you saw above. All you have to do is learn and apply it.
You wouldn't enroll in Medical School without taking an Introductory Biology Course first,

I Don't Want You To Buy Any Advanced Training Materials Until You Feel Like This Resonates With You.

I want you to FEEL like this is something you really want to do.
Because the reality is this... I can tell you all day how easy this is. I can tell you all day how much money can be made. And I can tell you all day how it
has improved my life. But that really doesn't help you.

It answers many other questions I'm sure you might have to help you decide if Recruiting is right for you, including:
Start out with this Introductory Course  -
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  • Why Recruiters are NEVER asking anybody to do anything they don't already want to do

  • The professions that are always in demand regardless of the economy

  • Why an income from recruiting for these positions is essentially inflation proof

  • Why you should never fear going up against the so called "big boys" of corporate recruiting (In fact, why you have an
    advantage over them.)

  • Why your education is the ONLY significant up-front investment you need to make in order to work as a Recruiter.

  • Proof that this actually works: I show you copies of actual checks I have received just by helping
    people get great new jobs
If Making a Phenomenal Income Just By Helping People Get Great New
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